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Page break is not only a great WordPress theme, but it is also a system that can be used website after website to ensure you are providing your clients with the most performant websites possible and to speed up the development time. Pagebreak provides everything you need to jump ahead in your project, by providing your team with the same system we used to grow our business to over 7 figures in sales. It allows you to skip the tedious process of coding the foundation of each website you build and get straight to crafting your website's unique components and features.

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Our Story

A WordPress Theme The World Needed

Pagebreak started with humble and honest beginnings. As developers ourselves, we were frustrated with the constant burnout between big projects and the constraint of time. We set out on a mission to find a smarter way to build websites that not only performed well and were visually superior, but that saved us development time. In the process, Pagebreak was born and we decided to share our method with other developers that may be equally as frustrated as we were or are simply looking for a smarter way to build WordPress websites.

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Built in 2023

Best WordPress Theme of 2023

Newly built in 2023, Pagebreak is the most modern WordPress starter theme on the market. Our foundation is backed by the most modern technology including Tailwind, Javascript, Advanced Custom Fields (ACFs), Laravel, and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). As developers ourselves, we have been perfecting this system for over 15 years across hundreds of clients and every industry imaginable.

Technical Features

So Much Value

The Ultimate WordPress Theme for Custom Websites

Our mission when building Pagebreak was to provide developers and agencies with as much value as we possibly could, while still allowing developers to do what they do best: create! Our starter theme can be reused over & over again with every website you build. Pay for the theme once and use it forever. Web developers are creative thinkers, which is why we kept the code as simple and customizable as possible. Our goal was to provide a foundation for your websites that gives you the freedom to be as creative as possible.

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Maximize Your Output

Remove Your Biggest Barrier: Time

As a web developer, agency or business owner, your income is directly tied to your billable hours. To grow your revenue faster, you have to find ways to maximize your billable hours. Pagebreak helps you do just that. Skip the tedious hours of coding the foundation of each website and focus on where you provide the most value... your unique design, animations, content and more!

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We have nothing to hide

Transparency Is King

We want you to feel confident that you are purchasing the best WordPress starter theme for your project. That is why we have provided all the transparency needed to know exactly what you're getting. This entire website was built using Pagebreak's starter theme, so you can see exactly what you will get. You will also find full transparency on the technical features, component library, and documentation to be successful.

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Speed, SEO, Accessibility, Usability

The best way to build websites.

After experimenting different ways to build websites, we have mastered the ultimate foundation. Build your websites better using Pagebreak. Websites built using Pagebreak earn almost a perfect score on Google Lighthouse for Speed, Mobile Compatibility, SEO, Accessibility and Usability.

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Build Smarter.

Pagebreak is a powerful WordPress theme for developers that maximizes profitability and decreases coding burnout. Build websites the right way with Pagebreak.

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