From Dev to Dev

All the technical details

From developer to developer, let's review the technical make up of Pagebreak. Our goal for this page is to ensure you have full transparency of the technical framework behind Pagebreak before you commit to downloading it. You will see from the summary below that Pagebreak is built with the most modern plugins, languages, and frameworks to produce highly performant websites.

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A Scalable System

Core Pagebreak Features

Prestyled & Reusable

12 Page Components

Pagebreak comes equipped with 12 prestyled components with corresponding ACFs preloaded, ready for your unique style. Our component system is a customer favourite, allowing you to provide even more value to your end customers as they have access to a user-friendly CMS to manage their site's content.

Built the right way

A Powerhouse Foundation

Based on Google Lighthouse analytics, Pagebreak provides a solid foundation for your website that is SEO, Speed, Accessibility, Usability and Mobile optimized.

You Decide

Dark Mode Supported

We provide the ability to select "Light" or "Dark" on each component and page, giving you flexibility to tell your brand's story how you see fit. Dark mode and light mode are simply representations of tailwind color variables. Change the hex color in the tailwind config for unlimited color options.

Easy customization

Built with Tailwind CSS

Each component is built using tailwind and can be customized by adjusting the classes on the HTML elements. All of the components make use of tailwind config that allow you to easily adjust the theme styles globally by tweaking variables such as border radius, header font, body font, dark mode background color, light mode background color and others.

Modern Development

Built on Roots Sage

Pagebreak is built on top of the Roots Sage starter theme. Sage provides support for component views and controllers, providing an overall better development experience. Everything is packaged up nicely so when you start developing you will find that you can easily extend or create new components as you see fit. Nothing is in your way, its just a foundational starting point to build great Wordpress themes on.

Build Your Site's SEO

Built In Blog Page

We include the code needed for a modern-looking blog page, allowing you to give your customers the option to write blog posts for informational and/or SEO-boosting purposes. With Pagebreak, the blog page is ready to be turned on or off based on your website's needs and can be styled & customized based on your brand's style.

Basic Styling Included

Standard WordPress Requirements

All of your standard WordPress requirements are built into Pagebreak including your 404 Page, Search and Archives.

Structured Data Markup

By leveraging, we have included Structured Data Markup where applicable for rich snippets on Google.


Image Optimization

Pagebreak is equipped to work with image optimization plugins such as Cloudinary. We provide the documentation to install the Cloudinary plugin to ensure your images are optimized and your pages are loading fast. Cloudinary offers a free and premium plan based on your needs.

Build Compiler

Laravel Mix

We have incorporated the Laravel Mix build compiler into Pagebreak. CSS, Tailwind and Javascript are compiled via Laravel Mix.

Universal Code

Minimal Javascript

We respect that every developer has his/her own way of coding, which is why we used the absolute minimal Javascript requirements. Pagebreak easily supports configuration for your framework of choice.

Easy Abstraction of Code

Controller Files

All components are contained to their own view and controller files for easy abstraction of server side and front end code.

A little extra

Bonus Features

Expedite Design

Figma File Included

As an added bonus, we also include a Figma file with all of our prestyled components. This allows you to design your website pages in Figma easily by assembling Pagebreak's core components.

For Your Customers

Unbranded How-To Guide

We provide you with an unbranded How-To Go that you can share with your customers to provide instructions on how to use their website's Content Management System. The guide is in PDF format and provides step-by-step instructions on how to update existing pages, create new pages, and how to create blog posts.

Knowledge Sharing

A Free SEO Guide

We provide a free, unbranded SEO guide that you can share with your customers as part of your handover package. This gives them the basic knowledge of SEO to help them grow their site after it's initial launch, allowing you to provide even more value to your customers.


Slack Channel & Developer Board

Once you enter the Pagebreak family, you're supported for life. You will join our Slack community where you can communicate with other developers who also use Pagebreak. We also give you access to our Developer Board where you can post projects that you need support with, allowing suitable developers across the world to get in touch with you.

For Life

Continuous Updates

Purchasing Pagebreak gives you a lifetime license to our core product. As we make updates to the core Pagebreak components, we automatically send you the new code so you have the latest & greatest version to work with.

New Components & Features

Continuous R&D

We are on top of the latest technology and design trends and are continuously investing in R&D. Our Pagebreak community gets front-of-the-line access to new components and features as they are developed. We also accept feedback from our community on new components & features you want to see added in the future.

The Best Way To Build WordPress Sites

Pagebreak is built by experienced developers, has gone through rigorous QA, and has proven successful across clients in every industry imaginable. Join the group of global developers who are leveraging Pagebreak to build better websites, faster.

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