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Pagebreak is a starter Wordpress theme that boosts productivity for developers of all skill levels. By providing you with a library of 13 core components, site settings and blog features you build in every website, you get to focus more time on what makes the site great. Pagebreak includes all the Advanced Custom Fields pre installed, and is SEO, Speed, Accessibility and Usability optimized.

Best Practices
A powerhouse system

Skip the usual, and build the awesome

Library of Core Components

Pagebreak comes with 15 reusable components that cover the basis of most content situations for your Wordpress site, which is a major benefit for any developer. Simply use the pre-designed and tested elements included with Pagebreak and focus your energy on creating the unique, custom features that will set your site apart.

A Universal Theme

Our stackable components were designed to be universal across all designs and industries. Pagebreak provides the core components you need to build out every web page. Although visual enough to be used in their original state, the components can be easily customized to match your creative style and branding. They are meant to be the foundation for you to apply your unique design to.

Built on Roots Sage

We are built on the Sage starter theme by, a best practice WordPress theme that resembles a Laravel application. Sage provides a modern and reliable workflow that is easy to maintain. We felt Sage's MVC approach to components was the best fit and provided a modern foundation for Pagebreak.

ACF’s Included

Pagebreak uses Advanced Custom Fields Pro and its Flexible Content Fields for a customizable page building experience. The ability to easily auto sync our ACF field changes to a .php file, eliminating the need to import/export fields when deploying to other environments is also included thanks to ACF Extended, which allows for ACF field changes to be tracked in version control like GitHub easily.

Easy to Customize

Every component and aspect of this site is styled with Tailwind. We’ve created a simple, easy way to make changes to the key elements of Pagebreak simply by adjusting the hex colors in the tailwind.config file. Of course you can extend and remove as much as you want. Pagebreak is meant to be your starting point, giving you the flexibility to customize it as you see fit.

Mobile & SEO Optimized

All of our components and layouts are mobile and SEO optimized. This means you can start customizing your website right away with a strong user experience on all devices. Pagebreak allows you to build websites that are best-in-class in performance and user experience, maximizing conversions and SEO rankings.

Easy Installation

5 Minute Setup

Getting started is as easy as downloading the latest source file into your themes folder and adding Advanced Custom Fields and ACF Extended plugins. Once you have the files in place, simply run a composer install and the project is ready to go! You can then jump right into your code editor to start customizing or head straight into WordPress to start building pages.

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Build Out Pages in Minutes

A Powerful Component Library

Developers love our library of core WordPress components that can be used to build out your website pages in minutes. We provide the code for our prestyled components with ACFs already built in. This allows you to build out web pages at lightning speeds and gives your customers a strong Content Management System to work with after go-live.

Our Components


This Site is Made with Pagebreak.

Pagebreak is more than just a Wordpress theme. It's a powerful system that will help your business reach new heights. By providing the components and features we often build in every website, you’ll be able to save 75% of the work of building a website, and focus on building what makes your website amazing and unique. This website was built with Pagebreak and styled with our brand colours. We have used Pagebreak's components throughout our site to showcase what we offer. Like what you see? Download the code and get a similar website in minutes.

Technical Features

Simplify Development

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Time

At Pagebreak, we believe that creativity is king. That's why we've designed our theme to allow developers to focus on what they do best - create. With Pagebreak, you have the creative freedom you need to build a website that is truly unique and tailored to your client's needs, without wasting time coding the basics.

The Details

For Developers & Agencies

The Most Universal WordPress Theme

Simply put, Pagebreak is for everyone. From beginner developers looking to learn the best ways to build a WordPress website to experienced developers looking to speed up the build process, Pagebreak is a universal WordPress theme that is suitable for all users, styles and industries. We provide the website's foundation. You create the style.

Our Distinction

Invest in Yourself.

With Pagebreak, you can trust that all components have been thoroughly tested and QA'd, so you can focus on the unique features that will make your site stand out. Protect your time by investing in a reusable WordPress foundation.

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