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Pagebreak 101

Overview of Key Features

Pagebreak is an opinionated starting point for building custom WordPress websites. It's the ultimate starting point and provides what you need to build in every website, out of the box. Leaving you time to focus on what makes the website awesome.


View the Component Library

Pagebreak is made up of 13 unique, commonly built components we all often find ourselves building. We've taken the liberty of optimizing and building out a basic version of them all so you don't have to. It also comes with a fully working blog and all accessory pages required like 404, Search and Archive pages.


Getting Pagebreak Setup

Let's take you through the 5 minute setup of getting Pagebreak installed and configured. You'll be amazed at just how fast this all comes together. We have a few recommendations for you as well in regards to development environment setup, however Pagebreak works with any normal setup as long as your theme has access to composer and npm/yarn. All of the ACF's come pre installed, so we'll just need to install a couple plugins and add our theme.