There are so many use cases!

Cards Component

Easy to Read

Highlight Key Info

Cards are a great way to highlight key information on your site. It is a visual way to display bullet-point style information on your website.

Your choice!

With or Without Images

You have the flexibility to have cards with or without images. Both style options have their advantages depending on what information you're displaying.

Dark or Light Mode

Style How You Want

We give the option to switch between dark or light mode, which changes the background and font colours displayed on the cards.

or dont!

Add Your Links

You have the option to add links to your cards or not. The option is there so you have the flexibility to display the information in the best way for your use case.

Products, KPIs, Process Steps

Other Use Cases

The cards component can be used with so many use cases, so get creative! Some of our favourite ways to use this component is to display products or services offered, key performance indicators (KPIs), and process steps. We can't wait to see how you use it!

Unlimited Rows

Three Cards Wide

We designed this component to be three cards wide, with as many rows added as you'd like. We find 3 cards wide is the most readable, but you have the option to adjust the number of columns in the code.